January 27th Meeting Summary

At the January 27th Public Works & Transportation Meeting the vote on the SWALCO Five Year Solid Waste Management Plan, which includes the option of Mass Burn Incineration, was again “tabled” with no date set for a decision, yet.

Several committee members stated that ‘they wanted mass burn incineration removed from the Plan,’ and there was even a motion by one member to do so. Several members did not get the opportunity to (due time constraints) actually voice where they stand towards Plan as it is written currently.

The debate seems to center around the merits of “keeping it in the Plan” and amending it in the future vs. taking it out to focus more energy on progressive goals such as “Zero Waste.”

Sierra Club was there to back us up (Incinerator Free Lake County) and eloquently stated that there is no “differentiating” between various forms of Mass Incineration. All of them, even the “newer technology” types, emit dangerous toxins, are not renewable, and require landfilling of their toxic by-products. Sierra Club also pointed out the downside to investing in technologies such as Mass Burn Incineration, directly contradict Lake County’s Sustainability Initiative that the full county board passed in 2009.

Our group reiterated we want to be their partner and not their adversary, and that we understand we are “all in this together.” We emphasized our group’s commitment to greater diversion rate and educating, incentivizing, and recruiting in order to make that a reality.

To that end, we have invited Neil Seldman from the Institute for Self Reliance to speak to the committee members on the Feb. 3rd meeting at 10am in Waukegan. We need your support at this meeting! If you can make time to attend, please do so! No need to speak, but a show of support would be great. The meeting starts at 10am and we are last on the agenda again.

Neil will also be speaking later that night at the Byron Colby Barn at 7:00pm as part of a fundraiser for our group. We hope you’ll take time to hear from him and others and also from our very own local band Browning. Donations will be accepted at the door and a $5 per person donation is recommended.

In summary, the Plan was not voted on last week and there is still work to do. Please show your support by attending the committee meeting on Wednesday February 3rd at 10am, or contacting the committee members by phone or email.