Incinerator Free is so excited to welcome you to our new blog. We launched this blog in order to keep you up to date on our travels and efforts in bringing greater recycling and diversion rates to our beautiful county of Lake in Illinois just north of Chicago.

We originally formed in November of 2009 when we found out that Lake County Illinois wanted to include the option of incineration in its 5-year solid waste plan. Because we wanted our county to take a more progressive approach to waste disposal, we launched a campaign to educate our county board members on alternatives to incineration. After months of hard work, petitioning and speaking at county board meetings, we succeeded in April 2010! The county board removed all forms of incineration from the waste disposal plan due to our efforts!

After our victory, the county invited us to be part of a recycling task force and this blog will follow our progress and include posts from research excursions and updates from the recycling task force meetings.

Stay tuned as one of our members heads to California to investigate recycling and zero waste efforts out west!